The Idea of the Solution on Dealing with Any Academic Writing Projects

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4 Quick Tips For Writing an Effective Resume

When it comes to making sure your resume is effective, there is a lot to get right, and perhaps just as much to get wrong. Here are some “dos and don’ts” when it comes to your resume.

First thing to do for an effective resume; DO

Include a personal statement, your education, your work history, any volunteer work, and skills you possess. A resume is a tool you use to sell yourself to a company.

Second thing to do for an effective resume; DO NOT

Lie. You might be tempted to lie about something on your resume. People might encourage you to embellish a few things to make yourself look better but ultimately, it is not worth it. Common lies include extending work dates, claiming education you do not have, and adding jobs you have never had. If you lie on your resume and are hired, you will have to keep pretending accordingly.

Third thing to do for an effective resume; DO

Be honest. If there is a gap in your employment, a good employer would rather be told the truth than fabrication. Just because you do not meet some of the requirements for the position does not mean they will not consider you. Employers will run a background check.

Fourth thing to do for an effective resume; DO NOT

Assume that the same resume can be used for every application. Take the time to tailor your resume to the job you are applying for. The information should remain the same but reordering sections to highlight what the employer is directly looking for will make them look at your resume twice.

As for the format of your resume, everyone has their preference but there are templates that you can use to get started. Fancy fonts and styles distract from the content. Your resume should present as much information about yourself that you can fit on 1-2 pages of text, no smaller than 11 point font. The only part of your resume that needs to be in full sentences is in the section containing your personal statement. Listing the responsibilities of previous or current jobs and skills can be done as bullet points.

An effective resume does not have to be impressive in skill or experience, it just needs to accurate and consistent with your skills to convey a professional look that expresses your abilities to perform the job you are applying for.

Skills Doctors Wish to Learn in Medical Schools

Our 21st century doctors are marched up with the latest technologies and mobile phones for a better and fastest patient upkeep. Aid assistants of these smarties are for physician to perform better and rally up patient outcomes. Doctors are revolutionized in handling patient care rather for rewards of appreciation by new technique and skills than the expensive test and procedures.

And yes, medical schools are now adapting new skills to be taught to upcoming doctors through new core curriculum or as part of professional advancement.

Nevertheless, many 21st century doctors wish they had learned or had that aspiration on something on-going beside their trainings that could have helped them in making a difference now. Here are my top picks of the skills that they wished they had learned it in their medical schools.

Data Science

Medicine is increasingly data driven. New Electronic Patient Record (EPR) systems and data digitization with a decent integrated technology infrastructure including secure networks, email and IT specialist in hospital departments are keeping large patient population records, illness history and much more. A better understanding of these data sciences and statistics helps to understand disease and improve treatment for physicians. This is one of my top picks for the EPR system as the shared integrated technology infrastructure has now begun and data are yet to sync fully.

Information Technology

Many online applications and websites are providing a facility of consulting patients directly. Mostly, the aged doctors who had not had the chance to learn basic computer skills seeks to use such expertise to improve their practices. Some basics like word processing or shortcuts would rally their work a lot better.

Nutrition and Disease Prevention

Many doctors wish to have more nutritional and disease preventive courses while they are in their residency. Today, people are more self-perseverance and health conscious. Patients seek and expect nutritional and fitness advice from their doctors. Lifestyles choices are one of the driving facts for healthcare, which is causing a new alter in disease and illnesses. Consequently, doctors need more instruction in nutrition and exercise patterns to provide consultation to their patient.

Ultrasound Training

Ultrasound technologies are now portable and compatible with mobile devices. Many doctors seek a corrective training for imagining ultrasounds by their own.

Communication and Empathy

Most successful treatment has an effective communication in between doctors and their patients. It means both parties understand what the others have to say and are satisfied in the response process. The process is a whole lot understanding of indications and expectation reassurance, which can happen only if a doctor, have the empathy on the patient’s problem. Doctors wish to learn emotional intelligence in order to success a patient treatment.

Management and Leadership

Many doctors grow to many career options. They are often placed in leadership roles to run teams of juniors, coordinate with colleagues, nurses and assistants. Lots doctor wishes to learn or have instruction trainings for basic management skills such as collaborating, managing projects and journals for their everyday work.

Personal Finance

Doctors wish to learn on how they can manage their finances as most of them graduates with huge medical debts. They wish to have some formal education on money management and risk in drowning debt.

LMS Systems: The World of Education

We know and realize that technology is evolving every second even now as you read this but that also means that people are taking advantage of it for learning purposes which is the best they can get out of it in terms of growing. On these online platforms it is easy for students to interact with their teachers and vice versa without ever having to meet with each other in person. How, you ask? They interact with the help of online forums, video conferences, emails as well as chats and all of that from the comfort of their own homes. There are many functions available on an online learning management system that aids this purpose, functions such as course documentation, administration and also evaluation which helps the students learn but also helps the teachers keep tabs on their progress.

If you choose corporate LMS systems or LMS systems of any form then you too can reap the benefits. Let’s take a look at what you have in store for you with a LMS system.

LMS Systems Are Uncomplicated

It is no secret that a learning management system is a central hub for knowledge and education. It is an application that allows development, excellent content and training to be offered to anyone at anytime around anywhere in the world. It is the duty of the management of the LMS to ensure consistency as well as handling proper training and knowledge dispatch right on time.

These systems not only revolutionalize the process of learning but also simplify it and in doing so they ensure they are responsive to the clients so that they can meet their needs. It isn’t difficult to figure out which is why if you are fairly new to it, you’ll get the hang of it in no time. The features that it brings with itself that make learning easy are as follows.

· Documenting

· Recording

· Tracking

They ensure that the system adapts itself to your needs depending on your present as well as future progress and all this in one application!

How Reliable This Application Is

Most people out there now rely on technology for education and it is what in the end provides all the necessary tools as well as techniques not only for the students but also for the teachers which is why a responsive application that helps both parties is necessary for productivity and efficiency.

How LMS Systems Can Benefit Your Organization

LMS allows people with little geographical mobility to learn from the comfort to their own homes. It also gives the employees a chance to easily access their accounts from wherever they are which is overall beneficial for an organization.

People can learn more about social media platforms with the help of an LMS as it can use Facebook and Twitter for interaction and this in turn increases the student’s circle giving him a chance to interact with other students like himself.

Studies have shown that students show more interest in education when it is not forced which is why engaged learning is quite successful. Here students can control their own progress and speed thus feeling like they are making their own decisions while also meeting the teacher’s deadlines. Their progress is their own; their consequences too are their own.

What we are trying to tell you with the help of all the arguments that we have presented you with so far is that Learning Management Systems work. They increase learning among people. If you are running an organization then you can ensure that your employees, managers as well as executives learn from the courses available so that your overall efficiency and productivity increases with the help of the new skills your crew continues to acquire. The world will be their oyster with the education they receive all thanks to corporate LMS systems.

Ways to Choose the Right Driving Training School

An approved and reliable driving training school will focus only on the challenges that the modern drivers face. As a result, these schools will teach drivers only the Low Risk Driving with the aim to stimulate drivers to make options, which put safety first. This is because the low-risk driving is concerned with making conscious options to drive safer. Making these options, like any option, means considering your options and having established strategies to cope with incidents while driving. To achieve this, most driving training schools seek to change the thinking style and the behavior of drivers.

Why should you choose a reliable and licensed driving training school?

An approved and dependable driving school will seek to persuade the way people think that safer options will become habitual. These schools believe that they do not need to educate drivers the way to drive because they know that most drivers have this skill previously. The major aim of a reliable and licensed driving school is to challenge and stimulate drivers to think about their driving in a different way, and thus, they do more to safeguard themselves while on the roads.

The driving courses offered by these driving schools assume a behavioral approach and cheer individual drivers to know the importance of safe performance and make a persistent change in their decisions while driving.

The courses offered by these schools will be neither advanced nor a defensive. These schools do not suggest driving conditions at off-road locations, such as racetracks because all their practical training will be conducted on normal roads in the daily driving setting.

Driving Courses offered by a driving training school

An approved and dependable driving training school would develop different road protection programs and services, derived from a low risk driving principle. Although their core product is a one-day course, customers have different products and services to decide. Some of the useful driving courses offered by a driving training school include:

One-day low risk driving course

The aim of the one-day low risk driving course is to assist participants to develop their skills in four important areas that include:

• Preparing the drivers for the breakdown by executing earlier steps to reduce wounds if any mistake is made while driving.

• Offering the objective jeopardy evaluation through learning to assess driving hazards and to develop different strategies to exploit on the road.

• Inspiring drivers for safety, by building up a thinking style, which encourages safer driving.

• Feedback by growing to be self-critical regarding safety performances.

Four-wheel driver training course

The goals of the four-wheel driver training course offered by a driving school include:

• Preparing the drivers for a four-wheel drive for the off-road driving.

• Preparing the drivers to operate the special features of the drive mode efficiently.

• Educating drivers to drive a four-wheel drive vehicle in a low-risk way both on-road and off-road conditions.

• Making drivers to think, which promotes a watchful behavior.

• Giving them feedback for constant improvement.

Eco Drive training course

An Eco Drive training course is designed for drivers who want to learn the way to minimize the harmful effects that vehicle contaminants can have on the natural surroundings. The objectives of this course offered by a driving training school include:

• Why motor vehicles make pollution?

• How an automobile pollution can influence the environment?

• How to choose a low-emissions motor vehicle?

• How to prepare a vehicle to lessen emissions?

• How to drive vehicles in a manner that lessens emissions?

Services offered by a driving training school

Low hazard emergency vehicle training consultancy service: Most driving schools also offer different consultancy services to their customers. These schools usually have a wide disaster vehicle training experience and offer different specialist training programs, which are designed to meet the exact needs of their customers. They also design and, or deliver training programs for the emergency sectors around worldwide.

Fleet and road protection consultancy service: A driving school assists people to establish the systems they need to handle driver safety in their organization. These schools offer a complete consultancy service backed up by an extensive range of high-tech learning products.

Useful tips on choosing a driving training school

Driving is a necessary skill that every person should have. Whether you want to drop your children to school when your spouse not around or whether you want to pursue it as a pat-time profession in the near future, driving plays a vital part. However, there are some useful tips on choosing a driving training school.

• Verify the reputation of the driving school.

• Decide the right course plan to suit your needs and budget.

Sumit Driving Academy provides Auto & manual car driving lessons through out Perth. We assist you to learn the practical skills required to pass the test along with the traffic rules and regulations. We help you to understand & learn defensive driving. Our instructors can speak English & Hindi to suit your language needs. We can pick you up from home, office, or school for driving lessons.

The Ideal Book for Reading With Older Children

In a series of recent articles, the author has discussed various points raised by reviewers in relation to the qualities looked for in a book for reading with and to an older child. Here the desirable features are brought together to give an overall view of a fun book that helps to complete the transition to fluency in reading while providing an opportunity for extending traditional reading together at bedtime or whenever opportunity arises.

The first requirement is for good stories and humour. Progress in reading becomes unconscious when interest is stimulated and the reader is entertained. If the humour is also appreciated by the parent a pleasant duty becomes shared quality time. So the need is for what one reviewer called a ‘fun book.’ A complete story at one sitting satisfies the curiosity of the child and sets a time limit for the parent. A story length of between 3000 and 5000 words has been recommended. And if the reading is at bedtime, a happy ending sets the young mind at rest and prepares the way for pleasant dreams.

Although a book with a story in each chapter is recommended, the stories can be about the same central characters in an overall progression. It is always fun to see how well-known characters react to different challenges; children like to see how their friends perform in different situations. And at least one picture in each story answers the inevitable question: ‘What’s it like?’ Younger children are used to picture books, with fewer pictures and increasing amounts of text as they grow older, but at the crucial stage just before graduating to real full-text books, one picture a story is still helpful in satisfying curiosity and retaining interest.

A book to be read at bedtime, or at other leisure breaks, should first of all be fun and only secondly a step forward in reading skill. Nevertheless, it is inevitable that the young reader will retain something from what s/he has read and it is much to be preferred that this something is gleaned from good writing in grammatical language. A new word in a fun story will provoke a question and add to the growing vocabulary, and historical and scientific facts may be similarly gathered. Reading is the essential tool of education that opens the prospect of the whole field of knowledge. Reading for fun is a vital step in hastening the day when it is fun to read.

Saint George, Rusty Knight, and Monster Tamer is a series of nine self-contained historical short stories which introduces George, a hapless knight who has an unusual skill for monster taming, and which, with wit and delightful aplomb takes the young reader on an adventurous journey though some significant moments in history.

Different Ways to Make a Kid Love Reading


There is only one way to increase the awareness and IQ level in children. They can get higher IQ levels only through the reading habit. The children should not read the book just for doing the assignments and homework. Instead, they should love and enjoy reading the books. Most parents get the board books in the hope that their wards would read them all. That is not always the case. This exercise only helps their wards to increase the reading score, not overall school performance. Only very few of them get the required skills to raise their IQ levels.

Early Inculcation

The habit of reading never really gets ingrained in childhood as they get distracted very easily. Your kids love shuffling through pages to look at the pictures in books as toddler. They may even enjoy reading as elementary school-going children. Life offers so many other avenues for children to entertain themselves. Hence, the reading may become more like work than play for them. They never get to that ecstasy level where reading a book is more fun than anything else. Hence, we need to inculcate this habit with great labour in our children early in their lives.

Read to your children from the earliest age:Every child would listen to story at the bed time. Just read to them stories from a book for children. While doing so, take time to effectively narrate the stories to them. You can always hold back the information and tell them to read the books to get more information. Buy story books as some of your child’s first toys. Whenever you get some break, grab a book from the diaper bag you carry and read the stories to your child.

Begin visiting the library regularly: Some children get fascinated by seeing others reading books. Hence, you can try visiting the nearby library regularly with your child. You can use the time in the library to read and narrate stories to him. The kids would never sit still at library. However, he would sit and listen if he likes the story. Keep library books on a separate shelf in the living room or kitchen so you don’t lose them. By arranging this way, you can always easily find something new book for reading to the child.

Read to your children as often as possible: While reading stories to children, always take pain to simplify the situations in them. One such time when you can try is to make them sit before the food. You should make the children understand that listening to the reading is just like listening to a radio. When they listen, they can look at the food and savour its taste. Occasionally, you can show the pictures depicted in the story books to them. This would make them listen and force them to stay in one place.

Don’t push your children to learn to read: Don’t force your children to learn reading. If they get interested in knowing more things, they will try to learn reading after getting the preliminary skills. Your goal is not to help them sound out words. Instead, you are expected to instil a love for books in them.

Don’t stop reading to children once they learn to read: Read to your children even after they acquire the reading skills. This would help them to stay interested in reading.

Encourage children to ask questions: While reading out stories to your children, you can expect questions from them. This would give you an opportunity to open up a friendly discussion with them about values they have learned and choices they have come across in their lives.

How to Easily Pay Off Student Loans

worldly skill. Other patterns come up that involve choices, like buying a red dress or a black one and weighing all the options that go with these choices. Just because the guardian is helpful and supportive that does not mean that the relationship is all fun and games, often the relationship is helping to teach important life lessons while keeping the brat in a protective environment. This type of education helps to establish the pattern that learning life lessons can and should be fun.

An important life lesson that is instilled throughout this whole process is that people help other people whenever they can. The brat knows that with daddy’s support she can worry about her studies and passing tests that are required of her. The daddy knows that he can reach out to the brat and she will send him some photos to give him an in-depth look into her personal and university life. This relationship of sugar daddy and sugar baby creates what everyone is looking for, that is, a creative, co -supportive relationship.

If you need to pay off your student loans, maybe the sugar baby lifestyle is right for you. On the other hand, if you love to adopt a brat and have the means, why not become a guardian? There are rewards on both sides of this relationship and there is way less drama. You owe it to yourself to check it out for yourself and see where you want to take it.

Music Education Can Save Lives!

We all know the importance of music education. It’s no surprise to anyone that taking music lessons has been proven to help in a child’s developmental process. Music lessons aid in the development of speech and reading skills. Children who study music will find an increase in their school grades. They have more confidence, discipline, focus, memory, and better social skills.

Music can save lives for children who don’t find themselves fitting in academically in school, and haven’t found their passion or drive yet. If a child struggles to find their passion, they often end up in less than ideal situations, (in trouble). Children need to find things they are good at an early age. “Some children need to move to think”, (Dr. Ken Robinson). They can’t be strapped to a desk all day long. They may learn better through visual examples, audio examples or they might learn better though kinesthetic learning. Some students learn better by doing. Finding a music instructor that understands this is imperative.

We have had many students over the years who come to us, and don’t know what they like, or what they’re good at, and they’re not doing well in school. They have never taken music lessons before, and their parents are desperate to find something their child will take an interest in. Often, when we do find an instrument the student feels a connection with, we see a total change in their personality. If provided the chance, music does help direct students in the right direction. It’s not just about learning songs or technique on the instrument. Music helps put a whole new focus into that student’s life that was missing before. We notice a change in their whole being. Their focus completely changes. There is a complete breakthrough!! The student is more positive, proactive, confident, and we notice an increase in their school grades (and their interest in school). They are more concerned and focused about their future, and often, the friends they hang around with, if negative, changes as well.

“Show me your friends, and I’ll show you your future.”
“You are who you hang around with.”

I used to hate hearing this when growing up, but now looking back, and after years of teaching and watching students grow, it’s amazing how true this statement is. A great instructor can be this positive role model… this friend.

It is absolutely critical that a child begins to find what they are good at, at a young age. Don’t rely on the school system to help find your child’s passion. You, the parent, must play a role in this process and development. If your son or daughter shows an interest in music, spots, art, movies… feed that passion!! Buy them movies, magazines on that topic, take them to the library so they can find books about what they love, or bring them to a live show. Find someone in that field that can coach and inspire them to take it further.

Lastly, for your child to believe that they’re inadequate, not worthy, not smart or will never succeed just because their school grades are low, is a huge mistake!!

There are numerous successful business owners who had C averages or lower in school, that are now running very successfully businesses, on an international and global level, that have those A+ students with bachelors, masters, and PhD’s working for them.

Best Ways To Help Reduce Bullying In Schools

No certain time limits are there for bullying – it can happen randomly or regularly. Schools are struggling to reduce it, trying to find the best ways to address the problem. Here are some tips on how to do this:

Give Students a Clear Definition of Bullying: Bullying takes place at all grade levels. As a first step, schools should educate children about bullying and how a bullied kid’s future can be affected. Help them know more about the issue and educate them how to prevent it.

Reach Out to Teens: Talk to teens, in case you notice any symptoms of bullying. It is best to understand and solve the problem they are facing. With the support and advice you offer, they can get to know the possibilities to come out of the situation.

Encourage: Try to encourage teens by setting a good example especially through interpersonal skills. Let them understand that making friends and having a good interpersonal relationship is precious. Educate them about the importance of privacy they need to look into, before sharing their personal information with others.

Good Music: Music in the classroom will make transitions more pleasant. It also has the power to reduce bullying behavior by maintaining a calm and friendly environment at school.

Adequate Supervision During Lunch Breaks: The school cafeteria is the place where bullies are most likely to verbally abuse their victims. If they know that the cafeteria is being monitored, they may not even dare to try. Hence, it will be difficult for such a verbal abuse to take place.

Monitor the Halls: Many teachers stay in their classrooms in between classes. This time interval is a key opportunity for bullies to tease and taunt their victims. If teachers start to monitor the hallways, it will be difficult for bullies to tease their targets.

Reward Positive Behavior: Instead of addressing the bully as a problematic student, try to find the good things he or she does. Point them out and reward the student for that. It can be anything from pens to mugs, but a stylish silicone wristband can do more than expected. Since silicone is non-allergenic and latex free it is an ideal everyday wear. 24-hour rush deliveries are available and you won’t have to worry about how long you are going to have to wait for the bracelets.

This gift item may be small but it can inspire the problematic child to be good and to show a positive attitude towards others. Also, teachers should educate kids about the possible ways they can avoid being bullied or the ways to overcome this. Here are some popular pieces of advice you can give to children:

Treat others with respect! Try giving the utmost respect to everyone – this will eliminate the negative feelings towards others and will motivate kids or teens to treat you the same.

Speak up! If you find it hard to ignore the bully, you’d better tell an adult. If you are being bullied, do not hesitate to speak up. Nip it in the bud before it gets worse.

Join support groups! Find a support group where you can express your thoughts and fears without any difficulties.

Bullying can be reduced if more people learn about the possible preventive measures. 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